Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today by my mailbox was a delightful sign of spring: the first flower.  Add in that it's the start of my Spring Break from school, life is pretty ideal and Spring Fever has definitely hit!

Thinking about Spring, the budding that's beginning, the warmth that wafts on the breeze, and the hint of rising temperatures, it has me longing to get outside: neighborhood walks, bike rides, going somewhere good for a hike, and even just sitting outside at my patio table--watching the birds flock the feeder.
It's time to #RediscoverNature.

As much as I'd like to take credit for that hashtag, I can't claim the creativity.  But Nature Valley can. They have 3 videos, each promoting the great outdoors in different ways.  3 videos that make you think and rethink, at least a little bit. Videos worth viewing.  Videos that will inspire you to take advantage of Spring & Spring Break, and get you outside to #RediscoverNature!

Photo from my camera, 3 Generations video from; Field Trip from; Rediscover the Joy of Nature from

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