Saturday, March 5, 2016

Raising Our Spoons to "The Story of a Spoon"

In the style of the Plastic Bag Mockumentary, there's a new #eco mini-documentary in town that makes you ponder the birth of a spoon. From it's meager beginnings (you know, the Big Bang) to your backyard barbeque, oil makes its way from ground to factory to plastic spoon.  As you watch plastic wrapped in plastic, it makes you rethink your utensil usage.

Let's face it:  how hard is it to watch a few pieces of silverware?

And how much are we wastefully throwing away and/or convincing ourselves that we're doing good by recycling (which in some ways, is just another "away" as not all recycling ends up where it needs too, or ends up being down-cycled into lesser products).

I raise my spoon and say:  "Let's stop wasting valuable resources!"

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