Wednesday, March 2, 2016

50 #Eco Innovators

Whether aged 24 to 54 (or more), from CA to NY or Alaska to Australia, Grist has them all.  At least when it comes to the 50 folks of 2016 who are environmental activists, innovators, visionaries, & organizers.

This list is a great way to show students who is out there, what they are doing, where they are located, and what is their individual driving force & passion.  It also might serve as some inspiration for them for the future, where who knows--the sky is the limit!

The Focused 50:
  1. Jasmina Aganovic, The Naturalist
  2. Sana Amanat, The Hero Maker
  3. David Bancroft, The Southern Chef
  4. Sean Barrett, The Fisherman
  5. Maxine Bédat, The Fashion Mogul
  6. Tiffani Ashley Bel, The Coder
  7. Mary Berry, The Farmers' Advocate
  8. Marcelo Bonta, The Equity Advisor
  9. Julian Mocine-McQueen & Heather Box, The Story Tellers
  10. Heber Brown III, The Baltimore Pastor
  11. Katie Button, The Restauranteer
  12. Camille Delebecque, The Fermenter
  13. LaToya Ruby Frazier, The Artist
  14. Alex Freid, The Zero-Waste Wiz
  15. Angel Garcia, The Conservative
  16. Jihan Gearon, The Navajo Warrior
  17. José González, The Outdoorsman
  18. Emily Graslie, The Educator
  19. Katie Hinde, The Milk Maven
  20. Rob Hogg, The Heartland Climate Hawk
  21. Lucy Holtsnider & Zion Klos, The Sailors
  22. Angel Hsu, The Data Architect
  23. Mark Jacobson,The Clean Energy Mastermind
  24. Trip Jennings, The Filmmaker
  25. Murrawah Johnson-- Naomi Klein’s pick, The Native Daughter
  26. Emily Kirsch The Solarpreneur. The Solarpreneur
  27. Katherine Wells & Flora Lichtman, The Adaptors
  28. Ted Lieu, The Congressman
  29. Angelo Logan, The Mechanic-Turned-Activist
  30. Peter Malinowski, The Oysterman
  31. Nia Martin-Robinson, The Recruiter
  32. Michael Mazourek--Dan Barber’s Pick, The Flavor Savor
  33. Nona Yehia & Penny McBride, The Modern Farmers
  34. Heather McGhee, The Policy Shaper
  35. Kandi Mossett, The Crusader
  36. Sudha Nandagopal, The Equalizer
  37. Ayanna Pressley, The Fighter
  38. Adrianna Quintero, La Voz
  39. Donovan Richards, The NYC Councilman
  40. Anthony Rogers-Wright--Bill McKibben’s pick, The Organizer
  41. Pamela Ronald, The Rice Whisperer
  42. Cameron Russell, The Model Activist
  43. Tyler Sit, The Midwest Pastor
  44. Julia Stewart, The Booster
  45. Nathaniel Stinnett, The Voting Guru
  46. Julien Terrell, The Youth Organizer
  47. Vien Truong, The Power Shifter
  48. Cynthia Graber & Nicola Twilley, The Foodcasters
  49. Allison “AKU-MATU” Warden--Annie Leonard’s pick, The Rapper
  50. Jalonne L. White-Newsome, The Clean-Power Enforcer
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