Monday, October 20, 2014

What's Possible?

Anything, especially if Morgan Freeman is involved.  (But, that could just be my own personal opinion!!)

The last time I wrote, I was pondering the planetary population, here as it is on the cusp of 7. 3 billion people.  As you sit and ponder about 8 million people by 2025 & how 7 million more people will fit in a mere 11 years here on Earth, you begin to worry a bit.  But through worry, you also look at the flip side of the coin.  With hope and faith, you wonder "what's possible."

Luckily narrator Morgan Freeman, director Louie Schwartzberg, writer Scott Z. Burns, producer Lyn Davis Lear, & Moving Arts Studio also have pondered "What's Possible."  in the new short video of the same name.  Created for New York's 2014 United Nations Climate Summit, the video presents that climate change is conquerable, but we can't be slow about it.  The time is now.  When you watch the video, you do get the feeling that it is possible due to determination, activism, technology, and momentum.

The bigger question might not be "What's Possible," but rather, what's delaying us from doing what we need to do!!

To learn more about the September 23, 2014 UN Climate Summit 2014, be sure to check out the UN Climate Summit webpage and webcast archives.

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