Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shop 'Til You Drop

I'm sitting here, a week-and-change after Black Friday and all the ads, incentives, free shipping, & more, looking at my Christmas list (making check marks as I shop -- as any good Santa would do), and I find it all fascinating.

Propaganda, errr, I mean advertising... to the N'th degree!  Sigh.

The day after Thanksgiving I ran across this on Pinterest:

Black Friday, Black Friday, some ecards

There's something more than a tad disturbing with this philosophy!!
Or rather...this REALITY.

For me, one who isn't a fan of shopping on a "good day," Christmas and all that comes with it hits me oddly. I love the lights, the music, the sights, the sounds, the magic & mystique (especially from they eyes of the cherubs)... but the shopping (and yes, admittedly, the spending of money), hits me poorly.  The meaning that's projected is "If you love me, you will spend a boatload of money on me."

Anyone who has been following along the last 4 years knows that materialism doesn't exactly float my boat. I am a big fan of "The Story of Stuff."  I know the value of the dollar.  I have the salary of an independent school teacher, and while we do okay, we're not rolling in the dough.  We don't overtly overly-indulge our 2 children, and yet, they want for not.

We are a middle class family, and my kids have a crew who loves them.
Therefore, we have "stuff."

I feel we are a society over-consumed by consumerism. There's wayyy too much "stuff" out there.  In the world, in the stores, in my own house.  Christmas comes around (for both my kids and I), and I'm hit with the loud thought:  how much more "stuff" do we really need?  I think back to the BIG chit'lin "wants" from last year (from my own home), and I assess & query: "how much were they truly used the last 365 days?" I'm saddened by the probable answer.

Insert "Toys 'R' Us" ad here.  When I saw this advertisement, I knew it was "blog fodder."  As an environmentalist & anti-materialist, I'm more-than-slightly appalled!  Yes, Toys 'R' Us is a mecca (which has overwhelmed me since it first came about in my hometown during my teen years). Yet, this video screams consumerism over environmentalism to the N'th degree.  There are soooo many things wrong here.  Watch and see. (Then read the LiveWell's article "Misguided Toys 'R' Us Ad Makes Nature the Bad Guy.")

So my challenge to you (and yes, to me, as well):  Step away from this ad.  Step away from the Christmas consumerism.  Step toward the light of sanity, and do what you need to do this holiday season that will keep you on the straight and narrow this season!

Delight in the fun, festivities, the humor, the hugs, the lights, the sights, and the sounds, and all the people around.

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