Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When EdTech, Eco, & Good Books Unite: ECS Eco Reads

An idyllic island.
Seventh Heaven.
Blissful Contentment.
Literary enchantment.
A Good Book.

To some of us...they all are synonymous for the same thing.

My version of Shangri-la typically involves a pool deck, a lounge chair, glorious weather (akin to the surprisingly mild Maryland January weekend weather we have just had), a little rest & relaxation, and most certainly a good book or three!

Add in my fondness for the world of EdTech wealth that the Internet & mobile devices provides... insert ECS Eco Reads here.

ECS Eco Reads was inspired from of the creative genius of Carrollwood Day School's "CDS Reads" website for Jaqueline Davies' book "The Lemonade War."  (To learn of my personal love for CDS Reads, click here.)  ECS Eco Reads is a similar spot in cyberspace where folks can come to listen ECS faculty & staff read enjoy well-loved stories. Currently it features eco-favorites such as Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" & Ellie Bethel's "Michael Recycle," however I understand more titles are in the works and on the horizon!

Similarly too, there are other good literacy resources within the site as well as a calendar of environmental holidays to help you celebrate the people and events that have celebrated our Earth!  Come along for the ride, basking in the beauty of a good book!  You'll be glad you did!

From the ECS Eco Reads website:
"Good books come in all sizes. Come along with us while we read some old favorites and introduce you to some new ones. All of the books here have an element of the environment at its heart. 
Reading specialists will agree: elementary-aged students (even those who can read themselves) benefit greatly from hearing stories that are above their level. They are rich with vocabulary and depth, and hearing it read aloud by someone else is a great way to capture the hidden nuances that can be missed when children read stories themselves.  
So whether you read along with us snuggled up on the couch with your family...or stretched out on the grass (following along on a mobile device) while gazing at the sky above)... come along for a listen. "ECS Eco Reads" is just the place to do that, and strengthen your love of reading, nature, the environment, and this home planet of ours!!"

Pictures = screenschots of the ECS Eco Reads website (http://ecsecoreads.webs.com/)

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