Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wishing You Peace, In The Aftermath of Tragedy

Like many today, I am filled with a sadness over the horrific events of yesterday's December 14th shooting at Newtown, Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

Being a teacher myself, I didn't find out about the horrible situation until almost the end of the day when it was revealed by way of family text messages on my phone .  My job in the classroom doesn't have me at the ready-watch of the TV, Internet news, or even a radio. Also, being a teacher, I couldn't help but imagine how awful it must have been for the students and staff of the school.  I found myself playing it through my mind as if it were my classroom, my colleagues, my students.  Saying it was a sickening sensation is completely understated.  As a parent, I found myself doing the same with my two children.  This is the reason why many of us in America--in the world--are crying today and holding our children a little bit closer!

My hearts is going out to all the families today.  The parents who learned of their loss after sending their children to the safest place they could imagine--school.  The brothers and sisters who have lost their sibling playmates.  The parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who have Christmas presents under trees for their li'l ones who are now lost to them.   Especially at Christmastime, it all feels doubly cruel--though unthinkable, it already is.  

Last night my husband and I took our children to a community train garden.  We were doubly privileged in that we got to see our kids' glee in the amazing Winter Wonderland Trainsville that surrounded them.  My heart is heavy for the families of the 26 victims of one man's wild rage, for they will no longer get to experience the innocence and joy I saw in my children's faces as they saw the magic that surrounded them.  

If you (or your children) are having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of all of this news and the tragic images so prevalent on the news/Internet, here are some amazing resources from The National Alliance for Grieving Children.

It is my wish that in the aftermath of such a terrible, unthinkable event that we all can be filled with peace, warmth, and comfort... and may these senseless crimes cease, being replaced with peace.

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