Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Info & Experiments in Homelessness ~ Part 2

When we last left off... Last Friday my 3rd graders were making sandwiches for the homeless (something we do 3 times during the winter season).  They got to experience life last week through Dean Wright's eyes--a college friend who has currently been doing a living 10 day experiment in homelessness.  Why?  To bring an awareness to the plight of the homeless person in his hometown of Freeport, Illinois.

It's been eye opening, and I have found myself assuming the role of "video blog stalker each day," eager to see Dean's epiphanies, tribulations, trials, & triumphs along a journey many of us wouldn't eager invite.  I found his Day 8 bonus feature yesterday enlightening & invigorating.  "Yagottawanna" watch it... To quote/paraphrase Dean:  
Ya gotta wanna be in the game.
Ya gotta wanna take action
You gotta wanna make change. ...
Life is a contact sport.  It involves that we're in in it.  
Get in the game.  Do something!

Sending kudos & cheers to Dean as he faces his last 2 nights!

Chalk drawing from http://blog.amandacollins.me/feeding-the-homeless-christmas-morning-2011-be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in-the-world/ (interestingly, about feeding the homeless); Dean's video from http://youtu.be/3aTzECM4vi0

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