Monday, November 5, 2012

The Time Is Now... Now Is the Time: VOTE!

At long last, it is here, the time is now. USA Election Day is one "wake up" away. In some ways it seems as if it has taken forever to get here (if you count up all the campaigning ads and the time they took up to get us here.) In other ways, it flew. Okay, no not really, but I was trying to be optimistic. I too am a bit in Abbie's neighborhood of crying over "Bronco Bamma." I am tired of the politicking and complaining--on both sides of the fence.

 According to CNN reports, we are at an unprecedented "neck and neck." It's going to come down to late hours and electoral college end-of-night summaries. It literally could go either way. Whether that comforts you, or scares the pants off you, it is what it is. Given that, get yourself out there and vote! Even though I personally feel we should be a nation that decides by popular vote, your popular vote counts in determining you state's electoral vote. So go out there and do your civic duty!!

For those of you who need a refresher on the electoral college, check it out thru Disney and this electoral college video:

In summation: The time is is the time. Vote. Do your civic duty. Make your voice count and be heard. It's important. It's THAT important! Even if the lines are long and it doesn't feel worth it. It is. Now get out there and do your thing!!

Happy Election Day!

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