Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Power of Plastic In Pictures

I'm feeling very "infographic" lately.  Maybe it goes along with my visual learning style and the fact that a picture does indeed say 1000 words.

I think this one speaks largely to me because there are so many times that we mindlessly waste.  For me, plastic shopping bags is one of them.  For the 20 min. life span of these baggies (many of them that wind up wafting in the wind as "witches drawers" and then later in our waterways), I seriously question the use of petroleum for this.  Yet, a grocery store trip seems so second nature to all of us--to come home with a plethora of plastic bags.  I think freezer bags and the zipped up quart, gallon, and sandwich sized ones of these fall here too.  So common place to throw leftovers or lunch into them, where they in turn get wasted.  Even when we feel mighty, "I am recycling," what are we doing?  So many municipalities don't actually recycle these.  It's a farce that we smugly buy into, thinking we are doing good, when in fact, they often times also become landfill fodder or windblown items that ultimately become part of marine debris, harming our watery wildlife or additional waste cluttering up the corners of our planet.

Just watch the movie "Bag It" and you will see life through a new view!  Same too, check out this infographic below.  In these past days of Black Fridays, and Christmas/Holiday shopping ahead, it might be worth doing yourself and your planet a little good, by planning ahead and packing your bags--so the stores don't have to pack their own plastic, vexing varieties!


Infographic from http://www.learnstuff.com/suffocating-the-world/ , plastic bag monster pic from http://www.bagitmovie.com/.

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