Friday, August 10, 2012

Interesting EdTech Finds in iPadLandia

'Tis the season for us teacher-folk to start mentally gearing up and getting back down to business.  Some of my Florida teacher friends even started back up this week.  I still have a few more, but the wheels are turning, especially when it comes to iPadLandia. 

Here are some interesting summer finds I've sent my colleagues.

First off, here is a really interesting article from the Langwitches Blog ("There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps"), which I think is helpful in shifting from iPads as an "app" machine versus a "thinking" tool. There are some good graphics when you scroll down on multiple intelligences, different literacies, and Bloom's Taxonomy.  Here is an example of one of the ones she includes.

Additionally, Here are some great lesson ideas & apps in the world of iPadLandia. Something in here might be especially helpful if you are still looking for inspiration for any iPad lesson Summer Homework assignments.

--Learning and Sharing with Ms. Lirenman: Using an iPad in a Grade One Classroom
This is a great link. There are screenshots of all sorts of apps this teacher has had good success with--with 1st graders!!  I can't study it enough!

--Back to School App-pack: This link is just a downright treasure trove. It is listed by your goal of what you want the student to be able to word process, record audio, use as a camera, etc. Lots of good ideas just waiting to happen here!!

--Free e-Book: 20 iPad Lesson ideas - HOME - Edgalaxy: Where Education and Technology Meet: Most of this book is above elementary levels (more for HS or middle school), but it is really good at giving you some of the potentials of the iPad--especially for special classes like art, music, and PE!!!! 

--100 apps for Preschool: This Google Doc has a boatload of links for our littler folks. It is a spreadsheet where they list prices and easy links to iTunes for downloading.

--200+ Teacher Blogs over at "Mrs. Smith's Classroom" blog: These are educational blogs rather than iPad apps. But a wealth!

--If you are on Pinterest... here are 2 of my boards where I've been stockpiling a bunch of things that might also be helpful (there's a ton of educational items on Pinterest, which is a very visual way to save links to other pages).
       My iPad stockpile
       All things "EdTech"

--And last but not least, Rainbows Within Reach is hosting the "Great Edu-Pinner" Link Up, where she had posted a sign up for educational Pinterest pinners.  At last count, over 240 pinners had linked up (including yours truly).

Of course as usual, I'm awestruck at how much this is just the tip of the Internet-wealth iceberg!  Would love to hear any other great finds you'd love to share!

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