Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heading Outdoors In These Last Lazy Days of Summer

outside activities with kidsAs the lazy days of summer are winding down, I think I am appreciating the great outdoors even more.  (It may be more of a matter of "livable humidity" rather than anything else, but I'm choosing to look at it as appreciating the valuable and non-renewable resource of "the days are few.")

Given that, I am trying to grab time with both hands. 

Whether you still have a few more days until your wee ones start back to school, or if you are a teacher looking for ways to embrace the outdoors with you class, here is a great list from "No Time for Flash Cards" blog entitled "50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids."  Tons of good stuff here!!

My favorites?  Going on a sound safari, going on a photo scavenger hunt, and painting like Jackson Pollack! 

At the end, I think the basic moral of the story is:  No matter what, go on and get yourself and your crew outdoors.  If it happens in your classroom, odds are it'll make the dinnertime conversation.  That's a wayyyy better answer than "Nothing" to the "What did you do today at school, dear" question!!

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