Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our House Meets Vision House

Ask any panda and he (or she) might disagree, but bamboo is not just for dining anymore. Nor is it just for pandas.

In my house, we celebrated our patriotic rights and freedoms this Fourth of July by heading to Home Depot and Lumber Liquidators (where, yes, there's an App for that).  There, we exercised our First Amendment Rights and the freedom of speech, by exercising our freedom of choice and the right to choose whatever kind of flooring we want for out house.

We had already decided in May that the not-so-white-anymore white carpeting HAD to go in our family room. (What were they thinking, whoever put that in?!?)  My husband, knowing the eco-nut that I am, graciously let me talk him into bamboo rather than traditional hard wood flooring.

We want what the pandas are having. We chose sustainability. We chose bamboo.  All we have to do now is choose color and type! (AKA, the hard part).

Given that it is Independence Day, and there's freedoms &  fireworks (and more), it reminds me of our last experience w/fireworks. Ironically, it was only a mere week and change ago on our Floridian family adventures to Disney World and beyond. This time my memories take me to Epcot... specifically, to our visit with their Vision House exhibit in Epcot's Innoventions.

The Epcot-ian Vision House is one of the first "high profile" green home exhibits that are "designed to get mainstream America excited about sustainable living."  Opened Earth Day 2012 (for obvious reason), Vision House (sponsored by Green Builder Media) is an example of all that can be in the world of green building.

Add in, they have a 3 great portals where you can "choose your world:" kids, grown ups, or teachers.   Three great tastes that taste great together!! Whether you want straight info, "Earth Games," ready made power point lessons, how-to videos or fun/eco-animated stories with an enviro-message, the Vision House website has oodles and gobs! The kids' page is exceptional!!

Of course after my visit to Vision House, my wheels are turning more and more of all the cool things we can do!  Some of the neat features of Vision House, from my own camera:
Check out that Coca Cola Recycle Symbol.

Soda Bottle recycled chairs above sustainable
flooring, and a refurbished dining table.
Insulation? Yes!  Levis!!
Panda pic:; Vision House Sign; all others from my trip and my camera:

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  1. Here's some great photos from Green Builder Media of Vision House--cut and paste the link to your browser!