Saturday, January 21, 2012

You Know The Green School Education Is Working When...

You know the "green" school education is working when my two cherubs (ages 6 and 9) cue up educational finds on YouTube that they've gotten from their science teacher. 

Yes, it's a low key Saturday night after an amazing yet full day at EdCampDC (more on that later this weekend).  I'm doing a li'l laundry, and I come up to find the 2 of them, gathered around the computer, caught in rapture watching the wayward adventures of a plastic bag.  Which wayard plastic bag, you ask?  The Magestic Plastic Bag:  A Mockumentary.  A personal favorite of mine (and one that's appeared here in GTG before) yet not what I expected my 2some to call up here on a Saturday night.  But most certainly, if you haven't seen it, it's one definitely worth watching in it's Jeremy Iron's-narrated, dramatic style.

Whatever you do, you too, should watch out for the teacup Yorkie AND the illustrious creature, the Majestic Plastic Bag!!

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