Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marvy Math Month @ Eagle Cove School!

January 31st finds us at the end of Math Month at Eagle Cove School.  Tomorrow, February 1st, is the day the last projects are due in from our PreK to 5th grade population.  All classes worked together to put a project or two together (to find out more, see my Jan. 29th "Math Month Meets Eco-Stats & A Touch of Tech" blog article), while our 2nd to 5th graders also worked on individual projects as well.  Even our youngest PreK'ers made mitten graphs and button-clad snowmen.  Our 8-paneled stage enclosure is filling up nicely, with more to come tomorrow, for sure!
"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."              ~Albert Einstein
No matter how many years these boards get filled (and this is my 4th of being in charge of cheerleading this month and seeing that all projects get hung), and I swear, each year tops the one before it!  So many neat, new, original project ideas... from individual students as well as from classrooms as a group, art, science, and more! And even more in-class projects in the books we read in library, the songs we sing and play in music, the rhythm we count out in gymnastics in PE, and the foreign words we count in Spanish! 

Yes, yes indeed... it's a marvelous, mega, math world in which we at Eagle Cove School live... and we love, love, love it!!  

"Go down deep enough into anything & you will find mathematics." ~ Dean Schlicter

Photo from my camera, from my school!

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