Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Santa!!!

Santa has a rough go of it...
a). A one mega-work night, but ooh la lah, the hours of that! Not to mention, the number of hours of recuperation after those hours of being on the move?

b).  Expectations to have "the right gift" in "the right place" multiplied by... oh, let's say, 7 billion (aka, current population of the world!)

c).  A transportational set up, that is "this side: of amazing...How many of us have our own 9 personal flying-mammal transport systems, one of which is complete with a glowing red nose?

Yet, as I forwarded on Twitter yesterday, Santa has some carbon footprint implications associated with his annual jaunt.  But, knowing/intuitively-assuming that Santa has an innate need to adjust and move forward with the times, I bet he will take the recommendations under advisement!!  Check out Santa's Carbon Footprint Infographic (click to enlarge, or click the link to see it in it's entirety!!)!

For More on Santa, especially here in the final stretch...and especially if you are interested in tracking him here in the final hours...Check out NORAD Tracks Santa's site: 

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