Monday, December 5, 2011

The 5 Best Toys of All Time

For an article, that's one heck of a title.  It has a definite draw-- as an educator, it has all of the elements of a "hook," and the ability to grab the reader. We talk about this all the time in my 3rd grade classroom.

As a parent, that title makes you want to go check it out because, as we all know...we want the best for our kidderoos.

After reading THE Article, Johnathon Liu, of's "GeekDad" has hit the nail on the head.  Best Toys Ever... INDEED!!!  And, as a "GeekDad,"  he knows the ins and outs of all the good stuff these days!!


(Seriously, don't read ahead if you don't want to see the "inside scoop" from me, because I'm going to definitely hint about what Jonathan Liu has to say about the top 5 Best Toys of All Times.  So don't read on if you're wanting to read it for yourself first!!)

For your best five "ever"... You won't find any of these at Target, Walmart, or Toys 'R Us.

Despite that...all 5 gifts will match any and all budgets.

They only require one pre-requisite (which comes by many names):  creativity, imagination, being "unplugged," inspiration, novelty, cleverness.  All of which = the more you use it, the more you create it!

Yep, best gifts ever....and a darned good read.  Go, now, and read and chuckle, have your "ah ha moment," and check out Jonathon Liu's commentary!!

"GeekDad" pic from Wired's "Geek Dad" and present pic from

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