Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have Yourself a "Green" Li'l Christmas

Okay, it's true:  I love my school, and all that we represent.  As a Maryland "Green" School since 2006, Eagle Cove School is "green," through and through!

Whether it is students in my class (who know that they have an eco-crazy teacher), or my own two children and their classes (heck, ALL the classes at Eagle Cove School), yep, we're green--especially at Christmastime!

Case and point:

a).  In art, my son's kindergarten class made Rudolph necklaces out of old light bulbs.
b).  In 4th grade science, my daughter made evergreen wreaths out of holly leaves and pine needles as a gift to her parents.
c).  In my son's kindergarten class, they wrapped special gifts: angels out of oyster shells, wrapped in reused tissue paper, and wrapped in lamination scrap remnants, formed into gift bags.
d).  In my 3rd grade class, we took stockings sewn from old sweatshirts, painted them, and used them as "reusable" wrapping for the class gifts we made.
e).  As for our class gifts:  ornaments for moms and dads with a picture of our first day of 3rd grade on one side.
f).  In my class gift pile, I had a student who had made ornaments out of crab shells, painted silver, complete with a li'l holiday scene inside.
g).  At our 3rd grade class party, our room mom had the kids make ornaments out of old Christmas card fronts...I think there's one of these ornaments, circa 1976, on my mom's Christmas tree!
h).  My own 2 children made ornaments for their teachers, complete with reused vino corks.
i).  And then there was my gift from my son's PreK class last year, which is right on my mantle, and one of my favorite gifts of all time: A winter snowglobe!!

Yep, I love my school, and its creativity and "green-ness!!"!!

Pictures a la my camera!!


  1. Such great ideas...I can't wait to try some out with my daughter.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post! They really are darling, each and every one of them! Way cuter than an overfilled landfill! ;-)