Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Need to Jump Thru Hoops for "Loop Scoops!"

LOOPS SCOOPSMy latest Internet discovery:  A super duper troupe of groovy mini movies!  Backed by PBS & Annie Leonard of The Story of Stuff, you can't go wrong!

Entitled "Loop Scoops," these video snippets were created to stimulate the minds of youngsters, and get them critically thinking about the "stuff" that's in their lives.

From the Story of Stuff website:
Each SCOOP tells the story of something kids use or see everyday — a juice box, a magazine, an electronic gadget, a glass of juice, a pile of garbage. Our goal is to get kids thinking in new ways and asking new questions, like: What is this made of? Where did it come from? Who made it? What happens when I throw it away?
To see a sample Loop Scoops on "Garbage," click below or go to
Your true wealth though, will be if you go to where you'll also find "Garbage" (above) and also see their other "Loop Scoops" videos on the subjects of:
  • electronic gadgets
  • juice boxes
  • magazines
  • orange juice
  • frogs
  • happiness
  • velcro
To learn even more about this new gem, go to the article "Introducing Loop Scoops" where it details Annie Leonard's involvement. (You may remember Annie Leonard from Internet sensation of educational animation: "The Story of Stuff.") To read all about it, go to

With all of this, I'm sure you're finding yourself asking, "What could be better than 'Loop Scoops'?"  

The answer:  Teacher Resources & Lessons Plans to go with "Loop Scoops!"

Each video montage has it's own associated lesson plans (also influenced by Annie Leonard) at  Geared for classrooms teaching grades 1--4, these lesson plans give broader depth to many topics, often times combining videos for greater connections when used together. 

Lesson plan topics at the TeachersDomain website that integrate the Loop Scoop videos include:
  • Biodegradation ~ for grades 3-4
  • Electronics gadgets ~ for grades 1-4
  • Frogs ~ for grades 1-4
  • Happiness ~ for grades 1-4
  • Garbage ~ for grades 1-4
  • Juice Boxes ~ for grades 1-4
  • Magazines ~ for grades 1-4
  • Needs & Wants ~ for grades 1-2
  • Orange Juice ~ for grades 1-4
  • Product Life Cycle ~ for grades 3-4
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ~ for grades 1-2
  • Velcro ~ for grades 1-4
Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a way to infuse more environmental education and critical thinking in your curriculum, and are 2 great places to go!

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