Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GTG's One Year Anniversary ♫

I'm not sure when I became an activist.  However, given that fact that within the last year I've started an environmental blog & a companion GTG Facebook, I've signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3-day/60 mile walk for Breast Cancer, and I testified on behalf of Earth Hour and House Bill 223 last week at the Maryland House of Delegates
I think those four items right there are enough to tip the scales for "activist."

Not to mention I've been known to tote our compost bucket to the mini-golf place for my daughter's bday party or dress like Michael Recycle or in a dress of 200+ Capri Sun juice pouches for the school Halloween party.

Yup...activist it is.

Again, I'm a bit befuddled as to how or when it happened... especially given how (as a general rule) I was pretty darn apathetic in both high school and college.  Perhaps it comes with becoming an adult, a mom, or just solidifying any opinionated tendencies.  Perhaps it's a mere offshoot of "every little action, when combined, culminates into a lot of action."  Everything does indeed add up to make a big difference. 

No matter when it happened, it has seemed to make life a little more exciting, a little more meaningful, and a lot more informed.  Hopefully my sharing of environmental tidbits has done a little bit of all of that for you too.

One year, and it's  " Happy  Anniversary   toGTG  ♫ ♪ ♫."  It all started the weekend of February 20th, 2010, with the first official blog entry on Feb 26th.  Thanks for everyone along the way who has been there!

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  1. And a wonderful activist you now are Vicki!


    Happy Bolgversary GTG - it's always a pleasure to read along! Here's to many more entries about the little (and big) things we can do to help Mother Earth!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    We "green chicks" have to stay together, don't we now!!