Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today = TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch Live Webstreaming

TED = Technology, Entertainment & Design

But today (Saturday, November 6) is the all-day TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch live webcast event.  With the notable oceanographers, explorers, and environmental experts speaking out at the event about the perils of plastic in our seas, "TED" could stand for something different:

Time to Educate & Decide About Plastic! 
If you're on the computer today from 8:30 am --6 pm Pacific Standard Time (11:30 am -- 9 pm Eastern Standard Time), you need to stop by.  Go to 

Make time to educate yourself & decide that it's time to start refusing those plastics!!  That's exactly what I'll be doing as I host our event at Eagle Cove School (

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