Saturday, November 20, 2010

Planning for an Eco-Turkey Day

Moonbeam PilgrimTurkey Day is right around the corner (leaving many of us wondering how on Earth it's humanly possible to be this time of year, but that's another commentary entirely)! 

So, as you are gearing up your cornucopia of menu ideas for your feast, there are a ton of FUN ideas for classroom and family-table alike over at PlanetPals. 

recycle artPlanetPals is a warehouse of educational, eco-friendly, ideas that can suit any grade level.  On top of that, there's not only a teachers page (chock-filled with lesson plans and activities), but also a parents page.  PLUS there's arts, crafts, and games galore that are fun for your little ones.  It's a pretty packed portal!

Thanksgiving-specific, you can find:
  • "15 great 'E'cology tips to help you make a greener world this holiday!"
  • "Edible Food Art Thanksgiving Crafts"
  • "Thanksgiving Recycle Crafts"
  • "Gratitude and Thanksgiving: A World-wide Tradition!"
  • "Tis the Season for Homespun Traditions"
  • "Thanksgiving Travel Can Be A Gas....Saver"
  • "Don't Gobble Up The Earth! Learn how you can to SAVE MONEY and SAVE EARTH This Thanksgiving"
  • "A United Nations Thanksgiving Proclamation"
  • "Recycle Your Pumpkins After Thanksgiving"
To check out these great ideas (and to find the cute images above), go to

To learn the PlanetPals story, go to 

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