Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last Week's TEDx on Marine Debris; This Week's Call to Arms!!

A busy week of school/life has kept me from here, from updating....yet mucho thanks to the Huffington Post for doing the exact entry that I'd have loved to do.  Here's a perfect update of the TEDx conference last week sponsored by the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Refuse Plastic.  It's leaps, bounds,and then some above recycling, reusing, and reducing!!

Again...Huffington Post, Deborah Basset:  Kudos!

Picture from Plastic Pollution, Bulgaria Photo Courtesy: TEDxGP2


  1. The TEDxGreat Pacific garbage Patch was addressing the issue of Plastic Pollution, not "marine debris" as NOAA likes to call it.

  2. You're exactly right! It's a semantic issue for some, unfortunately. Of course, anyone who was watching any of TEDxGP2 knows it's far more than debris!