Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Raining Eco E-Resources!

I'm sure this happens to you (it happens to me all the time).... It's a Wednesday night and all of a sudden you are hankering for a great "green" resource...whether it's to satisfy your the eco-"news-junkie" in you, to answer a burning recycling question, or to dig up a great find to share in school tomorrow (as a student or a teacher).  Well, look no further.... has just released their "50 Online Resources for Eco- Friendly Schools" at  
Here you will find their favorites:  their top-10 sites for "Environmental News", their top-10 for "Green
College Initiatives," their top-15 for "Green K-12 School Initiatives," their top-8 for "Recycling at School," and their top-7 sites for "Environmental Clubs." All of these resources are excellent finds for all!!  Don't let a day go by without checking them out!  Click the title at the top or land on the link above.

(Of course, we here at Green Team Gazette are firm believers that we should have been resource #51!!)

Thanks to Tim H. for sharing this great resource! 

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