Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nat'l Bike Month * Bike to Work Week * Bike to Work Day

May is National Bike Safety Month...so it makes sense that it'd be Nat'l Bike Month.  Closer to the here and now, this week is Bike to Work Week, with Friday being the big official Bike to Work Day.  Now, given that I take a laptop, 3 children, and multiple bags of "stuff" (whether it's papers to grade, a bin of a hundred or so Capri Suns I've washed, or my compost and the occasional lacrosse stick), I'm not a real stellar example of practicing what I preach.  But, on days of glorious weather, our science teacher and our art teacher have been seen en route to school on their bikes!  It's a great way to not only soak in the beauty that surrounds you, but also get good exercise and lower your carbon footprint.  See what you can do this Bike Month!

To learn more about Bike Month and Bike to Work, click the link above or go to http://www.bikeleague.org/ (where you'll also find the logo'ed-image above).  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom right hand orange "Education" corner to the link labeled "Watch our Education Videos."

For a listing on bike safety for kids, go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) site:    http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/pedbimot/bike/kidsandbikesafetyweb/index.htm.

You can also appreciate the whole "bike" theme in a stationary position by checking out the list of " bike" books at The BOOKS Program ("Books Open Opportunities for Kids to Succeed), a partnership program with Senator Libous and the Morrisville State College in New York  at http://www.booksprogram.com/themes/index.htm.

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