Sunday, May 23, 2010

International Day of Biodiversity ~ May 22nd, 2010

Yesterday (May 22nd) was the International Day of Biodiversity.  Given it's drawing near to the end of my school year (and all the hectic-ness that's associated with this), this environmental day came and went without being highly on my radar.  So, I decided to check into it this morning, after the fact.

I was struck by the map above, which was prominent on the website.  Looking at the participating "red pinpoint" countries on the map, no wonder I had little knowledge of it.  "We the People" of the United States look pretty darned absent here.  That's a tad bothersome. 

Of course, we've had a lot of "Days" latelyWorld Water Day, Earth Hour, Earth Day, International Migratory Bird Day, Nat'l Composting Week, National Bike Week, World Environment Day coming up June could argue perhaps there's too many "days." One could argue that it leans toward "environmental daze." But perhaps, it's just like the concept of biodiversity:  everything relies on everything else.  A rich, healthy environment or habitat (whether a field, a river, or a planet) has a wealth of plants and animals, creating that complex web of life that's so much more interconnected than a mere food chain. 

Perhaps to become a richer, healthier planet, we need this web of days and environmental awareness to start waking up and taking care of this planet!  One links to another. A maze of days.  Given that, and a year's worth string-of-days ahead, perhaps we'll be on the map next year.  That, most certainly, would be a noteworthy step in the right direction. 

To learn more about International Biodiversity Day, click the link above, or go to or go to their resource link to download a great 32 page conceptual guideline detailing both their mission and things you can do to take part.

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