Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wastewater Gets Recycled

I've mentioned before how beneficial I find Richard Byrne as an educator's resources. Not only does he amaze me by the vast amount of free edtech information he puts out for all of us tech-centered teachers with his Free Tech For Teachers website but also his Practical EdTech website...all while keeping his own teaching day job, presenting, and raising his own family. He's a rockstar in so many ways!

In Richard's August 17th, 2023 entitled "How Wastewater Gets Recycled," he discussed just that: bringing together both the environmental and edtech sides here at GTG. He describes the new TED-Ed lesson How the Water You Flush Becomes the Water You Drink. In it, viewers learn the difference between grey, yellow, and black water. The video also differentiates between direct potable reuse wastewater and indirect potable reuse water. He also shared that lessons and resources are available at  the TED-Ed website.

For more information about wastewater, what it is, and how it gets recycled, check out these resources:

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