Wednesday, June 7, 2023

All Roads Still Leading To AI

It really does seem like everywhere I turn here, even at the end of the school year, that all roads lead to AI (that's "Artificial Intelligence" to anyone who may be living under a rock). 

I'm taking a one-day workshop this summer on the subject, and it seems like every other email I get to my school email address is inviting me to attend another. The offerings are growing like gangbusters, fast and furious--as are the AI websites (for teaching, in particular).After reading The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education (The Hitchhiker's Guide for Educators Series), and perusing the Facebook feed of the The AI Classroom group, it's definitely clear that part of my summer (when the R&R is well underway and I start getting back in the groove of reading for professional development again) that I need to spend some time investigating the growing number of sites out there dedicated to AI.

This post in particular from The AI Classroom Facebook Group has led me on my latest detective investigatons. This graphic by Dan Fitzpatrick (one of the Admin of The AI Classroom FB page and also one of the authors of the book) is fascinating. 

Here are the links to these websites for you to start your own investigation. I have a feeling this is a "to be continued" kind of conversation in the months/year ahead!

Teaching AIssistant (notice that extra 'I''s important!)

And, while running across the websites for those 5, I ran across this article from Ditch That Textbook: "30 AI Tools for the Classroom." Then I got a link for this teacher resource from Richard Byrne in his Practical EdTech eNewsletter I get weekly.

Yes, this is definitely going to be an ongoing conversation!!!!

Photos screenshots from administrator and author Dan Fitzpatrick's post in The AI Classroom Facebook Group, a public group anyone can join.

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