Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year 2023

"New Years" is more than just a new calendar being hung on the wall or a flip of the page from one month to another. Whether you buy into the idea of resolutions or not, it is the chance for a new start. School years can be like that for teachers and students. New jobs can serve that purpose too--though they do not fall on the annual timetable like a calendar or school year.

The changing of the guard of a new calendar and a new year has the hint of hope of all that lies ahead. Things that have yet to happen are somewhere in front of you, destined to be. New innovation, inventions, ideas, and inspirations lie ahead. A new year, full of new opportunities and experiences, are the biggest promise of possibilities we have. 

What will your new year have in store for you? 

Only time will tell....and of course it will be what you make it!

Happy 2023!

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