Saturday, March 5, 2022

Harvard's Askwith Education Forum: How K-12 Schools Can Take Action on Climate Change

A colleague pointed me in the direction of Harvard's Askwith Education Forum's webinar: How K-12 Schools Can Take Action on Climate Change. Not only was it free to register, but free to watch for all after the fact. It was a powerful hour of discussion with moderator Bridget Long (Dean and Saris Professor of Economics at Harvard Graduate School of Education) and 3 amazing experts: 
  • John King Jr., President and CEO, The Education Trust; former U.S. Secretary of Education 
  • Pedro Martinez, CEO, Chicago Public Schools
  • Becky Pringle, President, National Education Association
[Side Note: One of the interesting things was John King Jr's approach given he is a fellow Maryland resident. When I started doing more digging on him, I also discovered that he is a candidate for the Governor of Maryland.] 

The conversation between these experts in this webinar focuses on how schools and educators can be leaders toward a more sustainable planet and society. Additionally, they discuss the multi-faceted impact of environmental justice and why there is such a great need to educate our students on these factors.

They also share information about the Aspen Institute's K12 Climate Action Plan and the Local K-12 Climate Plan's Key Questions to Get Started. These are two great resources for environmental educators.

To learn more, go to the Askwith Education Forum's page and watch the video and learn more about the webinar. You can also watch it here or below.

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