Saturday, February 5, 2022

Women in Innovation

The Smithsonian is known for its exceptional level of education--whether the museums in Washington, DC or their online counterparts. They know how to take learning to the next level.

One of the many ways it is doing that is by bringing the education to you in your homes and schools through their Poster Exhibitions. By going to their SITES Community website, you can order free print or digital content in their Poster Exhibitions to use as educational resources. They currently have an array of 13 different Poster Exhibitions to investigate.

The one I just ordered is their Picturing Women Inventors Poster Exhibition. It comes with 8 printed posters and educational material to go with it. Additionally, they have the posters available immediately with their digital download. I love that the inventors cross a variety of fields and showcase some amazing women. Women's History Month may be March, but these women are worth celebrating all year round!

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