Wednesday, December 1, 2021

1000 Hours Outside Revisited

I've written about the concept of "1000 hours outside" before, and for the last several summers, I've tracked my time outdoors as well. Winter weather (and not being a major fan of the cold), wounded knees, and work always get in my way of really diving in on the same level that I can in the summer. 

But, perhaps the 2 items below may be able to help me with that!

Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside's blog and website, has had a bit of a brand explosion lately. It's not a surprise given that the outdoors are the safest place to be given Covid, and that messaging has been strong for over a year and a half. Additionally, stress seems at an all-time high given the pandemic and more. Outdoors is an excellent place to decompress, recalibrate, and find your center in an often upside-down world. The health benefits of nature for mental, spiritual, and physical health are undeniable.

So kudos to Ginny for bringing these two new digital items into the world to help inspire us to get OUT in the world, especially when it's a little chilly out there!

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Whether you find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or their YouTube Channel, you can soak in the benefits of the outdoors while you are cooking, cleaning, driving, or more in their podcast. Currently in their second season, here is a playlist of what you can find there.

The 1000 Hours Outside App

They have always had paper trackers on their website, but now you can go about tracking your outdoor habits on your favorite device using their app. Available on both the Apple & Google Play App Stores for $2.99, you can do it all digitally. A small price to pay for greater health and wellness!!

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