Wednesday, November 10, 2021

TED Countdown Global Livestream

On October 30th the meetings of the minds of TED came together to host and post TED Countdown, a global climate livestream. From their site and in their own words, "Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.

The timing was not accidental. It happened purposely on October 30th, just the day before the start of COP26 (The United National Climate Change Conference) hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy. Leaders from nearly every nation around the world met in Glasgow starting October 31st for nearly two weeks to discuss possibilities and plans to address climate change. COP26 wraps up Friday, November 12th. If you've heard a little bit about it but want to learn more, they have a very comprehensive website. Additionally you can watch their livestream or recorded events on their COP26 YouTube Channel.

TED's Countdown serves as a prelude to COP26. The "countdown" of mention is their initiative to land on climate change solutions to work toward a future of zero emissions. To start, that will involve a highly aggressive goal of cutting greenhouse gases in half by 2030. To do this, it will require all of us getting on board as changemakers, involving communities, cities, organizations, universities, clubs...everyone!

Given it is now beyond October 30th, TED Countdown Global Livestream is no longer live; however, it is recorded and lives on YouTube. By watching the two and a half hour recording, you'll see experts, entertainers, and activists share lots of information about what it is important to care about climate change. You can keep learning, keep getting inspired, and keep being involved in taking part in making a difference. 

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