Saturday, November 6, 2021

Daylight Saving Time -- November 7, 2021

'Tis the season... not yet the holiday season, but that post-Halloween time when it's so crazy-dark in the morning, making it hard for some of us to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning. It always feels harsh. At least to this kid.

But that all changes this weekend with Daylight Saving Time (for 48 of the US states)--when we roll back the clocks sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I found these two sites rich with several resources:

Free Technology for Teachers is often one of my go-to sites for edtech information. Website author Richard Byrne has a great post with a collection of 6 videos all about Daylight Savings Time. For information junkies who like to learn (like myself), you'll find them all well done and good choices. The 2015 National Geographic one is my favorite, but I loved learning tidbits of knowledge from each one. 

Creative Teaching with Miss Hecht's Facebook Page always has some fun Bitmoji classroom resource boards. You can spend some time getting lost in all of her clickable creations. She created the one below for Daylight Saving Time that are geared for early to mid-elementary-aged students.

Come Monday morning when you are your cherubs are waking up with the sun again, it might be worth watching one or more of these videos so you know why you might be having that slight feeling of jet lag!

Embedded Bitmoji board from Creative Teaching with Miss Hecht's Facebook page., Image from

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