Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A Kids' View on Coronavirus

It's everywhere--not the virus, but the feverish frenzy all about Coronavirus. 

I was struck the other day with just a scroll through my Facebook feed how just about every other post was about it. True, I follow a lot of new sources, but there were also the posts by friends sharing reports, but it even popped up on in other ways. Rick Steves, TV travel show host, was addressing travel fears he has heard. (He's still planning an April trip to Istanbul at this time.) Memes are popping up left and right, as are news reports that sales on Corona beer are down. (It's completely not related to Coronavirus, people.) Economic concerns and drops are happening due to the trying to contain goods and services from going from one place to another. Historic passages about the Spanish influenza of 1918 are surfacing. Yes, it's all enough to get everyone stirred up, frenzied, and alarmist.

While the reality of it is all out there and it needs to be monitored. It makes sense that people are concerned for their loved ones. But the misinformation is swirling too. All of which kids are hearing too, because more contagious than the Coronavirus is the fear factor surrounding it. 

Here are some excellent pieces I have seen online--aside from the biggest: the incredible importance of handwashing:
  • NPR article entitled "Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus."It's all a hand-drawn comic directly for kids, attempting to neutralize their emotions on the facts. There's even a link to the entire graphic and directions on how to fold it into a little book with its eight informative panels. Included in the NPR comic are details about hand washing, including getting all the "nooks and crannies," and keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible to keep germs from entering in your eyes, nose, or mouth. 
  • When in doubt, the World Health Organization has amazing  resources on hand washing and protecting yourself--the visual are more kid-friendly than their videos, which I'd reserve for parents. There are also 2 posters on their website that you can download on how to deal with the stress of it all--for both parents AND kids.
  • Even a 2018 Buzzfeed hand washing article has resurfaced--and it has great graphics, which I'm posting below. By focusing more on keeping all germs at bay (it is still cold and flu season), and less on the hype and hysteria, we'll all be healthier along the way.

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