Saturday, December 28, 2019

Recycling That Thin Plastic

When the recycling rules continue to change, that's when the buy-in begins to thin out. Even for us die-hard environmentalists.

3+ years ago when we re-did our kitchen, we opted for a big recycle bin in the pull-out cabinetry and a little secondary compost bin behind that because at the time, we had backyard composting. Well, in those three years, we decided that we didn't like backyard critters who had outsmarted our composting system and the recycling rules of our county changed. They used to promote the "when in doubt, throw it out (into your recycle bin)" and they'd take it from there. So we went from recycled a majority of our household waste to having to create space for a trash bin under the sink and to stop putting our recycling in a plastic trash bag.

But, like I said, it all changed. And with that change, the people in my house were all discombobulated when it came to what you can and cannot recycle. The thin plastic has been a perpetual question. Luckily, this video does a nice job of making it all a little more crystal clear. May it help set it all straight in your kitchen too!!

To learn more, check out


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