Saturday, June 1, 2019

Make Way For Ducklings

Mama Duck is a smart cookie. For the 5 years I've been teaching at my current school, a majority of these years she's decided every spring to lay her eggs in a secure, small courtyard within the walls of our building. Add on, she's got a history that is longer than mine at the school. Two years, she also made our campus her egg-laying home, however she branded out, once outside the Fifth Grade classroom (NOT a great plan, as it led to the Great American Duck Rescue of 2017 as the nest was right next to a drainage pipe, leading to a resident drainage pond). Last year, I think Mama Duck made her home on campus again, but near a more open water retention ditch.

The beauty of the safe confines of the courtyard is that is is protected from the predators that abound... 4 legged critters and larger birds. (We have osprey and an eagle that nests nearby.)

Add to that, Mama Duck, when she settles into the courtyard, gets a little Bed and Breakfast service all summer long by the Business Manager and our Admin staff at school.

Like I said, she's one smart cookie.

Well, this week, we discovered not only was Mama Duck back, but she  was not alone. To the tune of 11 darling ducklings! There's nothing like watching Mother Nature in action, in nature... except maybe Preschoolers to 5th graders, noses at the window, looking outside, in awe of the duckling darlings!

Pictures from my camera!

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