Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tempestry: A Temperature Tapestry

I'm very crafty, but I don't knit or a crochet. But I'm very visual & love the use of the yarn arts to tell a story.

It is from this place that The Tempestry Project began.

What is a tempestry? It's essentially a temperature tapestry of 365 rows to showcase the daily temperature for a year. The creators of this project set a defined color spectrum to universalize the palette to coordinate with temperatures ranging from -30°F to 120°F. Hotter temperatures are showcased with reds, whereas blues and greens represent the colder temperatures. The statistical data of temperatures comes from NOAA. By doing multiple years and multiple tempestries of the same city, you can see the change in climate over time when you lay them side by side. It becomes a graph made of fibers--helping to visualize the data. It also becomes obvious (as seen in this next photo below) that our planet is indeed heating up due to climate change. Science is like that--the data is right there!

2 Tempestries by Staci Perry (Very Pink Knits)
Climate Data for Austin, TX: 1900 and 2017.

Here are some places to learn more about Tempestry:

Banner from The Tempestry Project's Facebook page; images from and

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