Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Continued Tale of Climate Change vs Climate Denial

You would think with all these hurricanes hitting us this season (especially given the devastation and humanitarian crisis that Puerto Rico is currently enduring), that we'd be a bit more open to the conversation about the rising concern of climate change and how a warming planet leads to issues such as drought (which leads to wildfires) and extreme heat and storms (such as hurricanes).  It still seems that we are caught midst a tales of climate change versus climate denial.

There was hope across social media on Saturday, September 16th. Several news sources revealed that Trump was going to turn his June 2017 declaration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Sadly, it came out on Sept. 17th that the news from the day before was indeed wrong. The White House confirmed that the United States had no plans on reversing their withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. We are not, in fact, withdrawing the withdrawal. I was hoping Trump had gained better judgment in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and decided to stay in with the other 195 nations. (We continue to be alone and on the outside, with only Nicaragua and Syria as our companions. That, and the United States is 2nd, only behind China, for carbon pollution.) Apparently not.

These two videos sum up the head-shaking fact that this is indeed still a conversation or debate at all. When will the science facts be facts?

And then there's this third video. The Pope. At some point, you'd think people who might not listen to anyone else, might listen to the Pope:

Looking forward to the day when this can be a real movement for change to address the rising temperatures and the problematic climate issues!

For climate facts, check out NASA's website and climate portal.

To donate to the "One America Appeal" (the humanitarian effort brought together by former Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, H. W. Bush, Carter, and Clinton), click here to donate.

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