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Cool Tech Tools

We have a pretty nifty little thing in the summers at our school. It's called Summer Institute, and it's professional development by our teachers AND for our teachers. It's an in-house education program where teachers can take a myriad of classes taught by their colleagues. Some are one day (9 am -- 3 pm) while others are two days, depending on the topic and depth. There's a limit, so you have to be a little bit picky. But, if you are someone who loves learning, this is certainly your cup of tea!

Of the two sessions I co-taught this summer, one was "30 Cool Tools For Tech." It was a rapid-fire of really amazing edtech tools that are out there that teachers can use to help simplify their lives, their lessons, their presentations, and their assessments.

This PowToon resentation (which indeed was one of my favorites) was created to showcase my personal top 7 favorites. Below you'll see a list of 30+ tools (both websites and apps) you might want to check out to help put a new pep in your teaching step this year ahead!

Top 7 Personal EdTech Tools Summer 2017 from Vicki Dabrowka on Vimeo.

30+ Cool Tech Tools (in alphabetical order) to inspire you this fall:
  1. Adobe Spark: Create short videos with included content/images that is simple to use. Videos can't be downloaded separately from app (online or on app)
  2. Bookwidgets: Create widgets to be used for assessment, reviews, or assignments
  3. Buncee: Online presentation maker with animations
  4. Canva: Infographic and poster creator
  5. Constitute Project: Explore world constitutions and compare side by side based on search term.
  6. EdPuzzle: Upload videos and add questions, comments, audio tracks (Formerly Zaption)
  7. Educreations: Screencasting/whiteboard app
  8. Explain Everything: Screencasting/whiteboard app that has a collaboration tool
  9. Flipgrid: A video platform where students can create mini movies to "show what they know"
  10. Google Arts and Culture: Site with interactive exhibits and art museums. Capable of zooming into some art with incredible closeness
  11. Google Street View: Go on virtual field trips through Google's 360 degree photo technology
  12. Human 3.0: Online study of human anatomy
  13. Kiosko: Displays the front pages of newspapers from around the world
  14. Motivational Poster: Create motivational-style posters on iPads with images, headlines, and sentence summaries
  15. Newsela: News site where reading levels can be differentiated. Online or printable activities/quizzes available
  16. Nearpod: Create/upload slideshow and add interactive slides to engage students on their own devices
  17. Padlet: Online discussion board for comments/note taking/KWLs and more
  18. Pixabay: Free photos that are both Creative Commons and safe to use without asking permission
  19. Plickers: Makes classes interactive with quizzing/surveys with a smart device and printable cards
  20. Popplet (lite): Concept mapping
  21. PowToon: Online presentation maker with animations
  22. QR Code Generator: Creates QR codes easily, download to jpg to print
  23. Quizlet: Create flashcards for review and study
  24. Safeshare TV: Past the url of any YouTube video in to watch with no adds or pop ups to avoid the distraction
  25. Screencast-o-matic: Easy screencasting 
  26. Scrible: Annotate and save webpages
  27. Seesaw: Digital Portfolio platform that is easy to use, for ages PK and up
  28. Socrative: Create real time surveys, quizzes, and more. Online or on app (teacher app separate from student  app)
  29. Soundcloud: Allows users to create, share, store audio files. Others can listen and comment on them as an audio social media
  30. Sutori: Create online timelines (not printable)
  31. Symbaloo: Create (or search for) "webmixes" filled with tiles for easy access to a variety of websites you program in
  32. Tagul: Word cloud creator
  33. TeacherTube: "Safe" version of YouTube, created specifically for teachers
  34. Thinglink: Add  hotspots to images with videos, texts, ect
  35. Timeline from Read Write Think: Create simple timelines on app or on their site. Site has lesson plans and a variety of other online interactive graphic organizers.
  36. Wordflex Dictionary: Online (or app) visual interactive dictionary

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