Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tiffany Diamonds Aren't Just for Valentine's Day

Tiffany & Co.'s diamond's aren't just for Valentine's Day.  You could possibly argue they are for Earth Day as well! Or maybe just plain every day, in an eco sort of way!

"Transparency" is a very common word these days in the news.

Tiffany & Co. take transparentcy to a new level as it relates to sustainability.... and "a girl's best friend." (They say "diamonds" are that best friend--well at least Marilyn Monroe and Carol Channing have been known to say that!)

Tiffany & Co., a company that relies on mining to obtain their product, has strong feelings on both sustainability, responsible practices, and the environment. These two videos add a new layer of sparkle to an already-shiny name that is synonymous with jewelry. Perhaps these are why they are leading their industry.

You can learn more about their dedication toward mining responsibility on their very detailed Sustainability portal on their website. In it, they include their plans for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions future, a Social Accountability program, energy efficiency, commitment to reducing their environmental footprint and more!

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