Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Timely TED Talks to Insire You About Nature

Over the last couple years, I've become a mega-fan of podcasts. They are the perfect thing to listen to in the car, on the move, while doing never-ending laundry.

But in my pursuit of podcasts, I've lost sight of another true love:  TED Talks.

As a person who likes to soak up information like a sponge--sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day for all!

These 10 TED Talks speak to me on the beauty and glory of nature.

In this era of change for the EPA with Scott Pruitt's confirmation as Head within the Trump Administration, these 10 talks remind you of the importance, magic, promise, and meaning of nature. As Thomas Peschak said in his talk , "You can't love something and become a champion for it if you don't know it exists."

Watch (in any order), and embrace the awe of what exists, and then go forth and be a champion for nature and our planet:
  1. Emma Marris: Nature Is Everywhere, We Just Need to Learn To
  2. Franx Lanting: Photos That Give Voice to the Animal Kingdom
  3. Deepika Kurup: A Young Scientist's Quest for Clean Water
  4. Suzanne Simard: How Trees Talk to Each Other
  5. Elora Hardy: Magical Houses Made of Bamboo
  6. Zaria Forman: Drawings That Show the Beauty and Fragility of Earth
  7. Thomas Peschak: Dive Into An Ocean Photographer's World
  8. Francesco Sauro: Deep Under the Earth's Surphace, Discovering Beauty & Science
  9. Mac Stone: Stunning Photos of the Endangered Everglades
  10. Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green in the South Bronx
PS... These are just a small handful from TED.  Be sure to go and search for your own meaning there!

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