Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Graduation, Reflection, & Speech Writing-- The End Is Near

My 5th Grade students are writing their graduation speeches this week. Promotion. Moving on. The passing of the torch. They are readying to leave us and our campus this year... Next year they will be going forth to our Middle School campus, on to new adventures, and on to new experiences.

While they are gearing up to do that, a dozen days before the end of this school year, I am reading through 18 speeches.

It is during this time that I am reminded of the school year we all enduring, and the history of the last 9-10 months. I'm struck by a lot of memories my students are sharing, the ones we have all enjoyed. I know that there are most certainly a lot of personalities in this class of mine... and I have enjoyed watching them blossom as we have been growing together through the year.

I have also learned a little bit about me through this whole "5th Grade thing". When I started this year, I never thought I would be teaching 5th Grade. My plans were to teach Technology and be "The iPad Lady," Everyone loves the iPad Lady.  I remember the call I got from Head in the middle of August saying "I'm really hoping you'll do me a favor." I thought she wanted me to make a PowerPoint for the back to school meetings!  She didn't.  It was a tad bigger than that. Instead, she asked me to start teaching the Fifth Grade class due to a teacher going on leave.  Little did I know where this would take me.

Initially I thought it would be for 2 weeks.. 5 weeks... maybe even 12 weeks.  It was more.

And more, it certainly was.

I think this year has taught me, more than anything, that life is what happens when you're busy planning for one thing that happen, but then something completely different happens.

So... I became a Fifth Grade teacher. At first for the short term. Then for the long term.

In doing so, I opened my heart to these 18 people in my class who are so full of energy, humor, vim, vigor, and zest. Sometimes they make me crazy.  But I would guess that probably the reverse is true. No matter what, I think we have learned a lot from each other, and I think maybe... perhaps... We have had fun along the way.

Maybe the truest question is:  who has learned more? Them? Me? It's potentially a toss up!

These 18 students of mine are sitting at the crossroads of Elementary School and Middle School. The 3 months of summer is what separates them from being the "big man on campus" and the "new kid on the block." As they transition between the old and the new, my students will indeed graduate from being assured of where they are in 5th grade at the Lower School campus.... to being at the doorway of a new place, as a new face, of Middle School.  But my students bring with them every bit of who they are and where they have been.  They bring with them an understanding of "Yes! I can do this."

They are strong... they will persevere... and they will take this new adventure by storm! I know them, all 18 of them. Therefore, I know it is true!

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