Saturday, May 28, 2016

Barefoot Badminton & Exploring the Idea of Earthing

After a very rainy-season springtime, with less than stellar temperatures, a rash of 3-4 sunny days of glorious temperature (in a row!) is down right nirvana.  Earlier this week, at school we had a half day "Hump Day," which developed into an afternoon of boy-bonding with my son.  We wrapped up the evening with a riveting game of backyard badminton.  Based on the way we played, badminton is would never be considered an Olympic sport at this house!

We giggled as our birdie flew every which way but the right direction.
My son was much more of a diver than me.  By the time we were done, his knees were grass-stained-green, and the bottoms of both of our bare feet were were far from flesh-colored at this point.

Sitting at the back patio table, I found myself contemplating the day. It made for a nice time and place to reflect upon our afternoon, watching the dusky sunset begin its blanketing descent.

It also got me thinking of some some of the Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show Podcasts I've listened to lately where Shawn discusses the concept of "Earthing." This of course, further reminded my copy of Richard Louv's "Vitamin N" that I'm eager to dive back into after report card writing season is over.

"Earthing" or "Grounding" is simply defined by reconnecting to the Earth's energy by way of bare feet. The benefits are many:

These two videos below further help simplify the many reasons why Earthing has so many positive effects, and it helps you grasp the idea of grounding.  (Of course, I'm chuckling at the irony here this eve given that my husband was wrestling with ceiling fan electrical issues and the house's grounding wire while I was pondering the Earthing version of order to help us all feel more "grounded!")

What is Earthing? from

Earthing/Grounding by Dr. Laura Koniver, MD (The Intuition Physician)

To further your own investigations of Earthing, check out these links.  Then, go take off your shoes, and let the crisp spring grass tickle your toes and reconnect you to the Earth!  Or better yet, make a badminton date of your own!

Images from, and video from; Dr. Laura Koniver's video from

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