Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ocean Cartooning & Conserving with Jim Toomey

Ocean conservationist and creator of "Sherman's Lagoon" Jim Toomey has concocted a nice little video entitled: "What is Marine Debris: A Cartoon Crash Course"  This is one of his 10 animated videos that help bring to life why it's so important to protect our watery wonderlands.

If after that 2 minutes, you just need a bigger Jim Toomey #Eco Fix, here are his 9 other videos

What are Ocean Zones?
What is Bycatch?
What are Highly Protected Marine Reserves?
What is Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management?
What are Forage Fish?
What is Ocean Acidification?
What is Illegal Fishing?
What is U.S. Fisheries Management?
What is Ocean Governance?

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