Saturday, November 21, 2015

Get Thee Outside to a No Wifi Zone This Fall!

Using SparksPeople's article "Why Getting Outside is So Good for You," this is the word cloud you get. The words that crop up are evident:  outside, vitamin, natural, health, benefit, green, outdoors, and more!  These are the words that were vital and apparent in this article, and the ones that "stand out" because they are the ones that are "outstanding" in the article.

What does your LIFE "word cloud" look like?  Where do you spend your time?  What words are going to be bigger in the spectrum of your world? Where does your emphasis lie?

Indoors? Outdoors? Or upside down?

When I hit the wall, stress-wise, emotional-wise, fretting-wise, I check in with myself.  What does my word cloud look like?  

Dry! Dull! Dud!  
Overworked. Overtired. Overwrought. Overyuck!

Not at all like the above.

Note to self! Get thee outside this fall!  It makes all the difference!

Maybe you need to check into the no wifi zone. Do it more than once!

Maybe you need to check out one of this season's Michael Hyatt's podcasts: "Season 5, Episode 2: Nature's Calling Podcast: Get Outdoors & Gain 3 Life-Changing Benefits.. (I love Michael Hyatt!)  Do it more than once.

So it's Thanksgiving-approaching fall, and we are on the edge of becoming more sedentary. What are we to do?  Take advantage of that last li'l bit and get thee outside!! Now. Pronto. ASAP!

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