Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nature RX

"Nature has a marketing problem."  So say the good folks at Nature RX.

It's like they read my mind, my recent posts, and GTG.  Or at least Richard Louv's book.  (Deep down inside, I know which one it is!)

From their website--that's exactly what they are doing--marketing Nature:
"The creators of Nature Rx love making films and the outdoors.  Nowadays everything has a brand and marketing campaign.  What about nature?  Maybe a dose of humor and the outdoors would be a good prescription.  Time for Mother Nature to get her own commercial." ~ Justin Bogardus, writer/director of Nature Rx
Take a peek at their videos on their YouTube Channel or here below, 
and be ready to chuckle a bit on the way....then go get yourself outside!

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