Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Innovation Defined


No matter the iteration, "innovative" is one of those words that just keeps popping up these days. Commercials. Leadership podcasts. Education books & blogs. Educational trends of STEM & STEAM, Project Based Learning,, & the blossoming Maker Movement.

It's making me wonder: is it really more in vogue lately, or am I operating under the universal magnet of the "law of attraction" where you are drawn to what's on your mind?

Maybe, just maybe, innovation is the key we need these days to solve ... well, just about everything: environmentally and socially.  (But more on that in another post.)

Perhaps the best definition I have found on innovation is the The Innovative Manager's Manifesto:

For some inspiration, hop over to The Innovative Manager for "25 Innovation Quotes That Can Change Your Life." Then, see what you can do to "put a dent in the universe!"

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