Saturday, August 15, 2015

Clif Bar: Advertising for Adventure & the Great Outdoors

In today's world, everything has a "brand." It's the logo and the name that stand out and speak volumes with just an image, a tagline, a presences.

We all know it & we can't help but see it on the TV, in advertisements, in radio jingles, and on street billboards.  It's no surprise nor secret:

Companies need marketing departments. 
Actors and actresses need agents.
Politicians need platforms.  

Given all of that, "the environment" is sort of left high and dry:
     -No Vice President of Marketing
     -No advertising campaign or agent to run it.
     -No multi-million dollar budget.
     -No voice amidst the noise.

(Well, there is the Lorax, but the lone Lorax may not be enough these days for all the noise that's out there these days!)

Luckily, "the environment" has Clif Bars on its side. From the look of their ad campaign, it looks as if the Clif Bars company has decided to be the power that empowers us all to embrace the environment. Their message in combination with the power of Vitamin "N" (aka, Nature), Clif Bars does a good job of harnessing the importance of caring for our environment and jumping on outdoor adventure, as these two videos show!

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