Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Eating & Health Go Hand in Hand

It's no surprise that eating and health go hand in hand.  Or hand in fork.  Or belt around belly.

This summer I took a class for my teaching certificate (ahh, continuing education and required credit hours).  The class was EDU 135:  Children's Health, Nutrition, & Safety.  As part of the class, I had to do up a PowerPoint on 5 related issues that affect children's health.  So, given I'm paying attention to my own health & nutrition this summer (always trying to lose a few pesky pounds), I went with the topic of "Health Problems Relating to Eating Habits."  The 5 in question:  dental caries (or tooth decay), hypertension (or high blood pressure), obesity, cardiovascular disease (or  heart disease), and diabetes.  The latter four are definitely hotbeds of health topics these days, especially in America.

May a little viewing help you bring around your own prevention!!

Dabrowka power point edu 135 for slideshare from Vicki Dabrowka

Each of the 5 has a video embedded in the presentation.  If it doesn't come up, just click the link per slide and it will open in another window.

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